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Hello, I am a young accomplished industrial designer known for innovative use of salvaged materials, colors and textures. I am constantly researching new technologies and materials and am inspired by the forms found in nature, space and science. I became an industrial designer because I love to fix problems and I won't stop because there are problems everywhere. I love entering contests and creating new and innovative solutions for everyday use. I own my own green soft goods company, Recycling Zychal. Recycling Zychal was started in April 2009 after I lost my dream job as a fulltime-turned-freelance designer at a green company on account of the failing economy. It was at that job that I grasped the true core of a green design business and knew that it was my calling to start my own. Recycling Zychal specializes in the rescue and repurpose of broken umbrellas and makes functional and stylish softgoods products from them. It is unlike any other green design business out there because the inventory is completely random and unpredictable, as the umbrellas are "rescued" and donated by not just the customers but the design staff as well. We call ourselves "Umbrella Rescuers", because we rescue them from the landfill. Recycling Zychal donates a portion of its profits to animal helping organizations and does umbrella donation drives to clean up the streets after storms. For more information, or to donate your broken umbrella to be recycled, please visit our storefront on etsy. www.recyclingzychal.etsy.com

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