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Cords: We can’t live without them, they literally connect us to EVERYTHING; but they practically take over any small space packed with electronics like a wild ivy, or even worse, like a squatter roommate that you only let stay with you because they are friends with your crush. Well, we might not be able to solve all your problems (yet) here at Sexy Upcycling but with our 10 Second Upcycling Tip, we think we can help  you with the cords.. 🙂

We’re always on the go, so our laptop station (for right now) looks a little like this:

Cords Taking Over Our Current Laptop Station, this MUST be fixed!

But with a little bit of magic, and by magic I mean these fine little dittys which you might know as bag tags, you can work WONDERS  on keeping your cord overloaded area fresh and tidy!

These Bread Bag Tags usually are tossed, but are such a useful resource to have on hand!

There are many different sized Bread Bag Tags, so chose a larger one with a larger hole for a thicker cord, and use the thinner ones for iPod charger cords or headphone cords! This is especially helpful when I throw my earbuds in my purse and the cord wants to wrap itself all around my wallet and lipgloss. No more tugging when you use the tags, my ear buds stay put and don’t cause any trouble!

Wrap your cord around and around and fasten with the bag tag like so!

Nothing screams productivity like a clean desk, especially when theres upcycling involved!

And if you find that you still have messy cords under your desk, do what I do and use them to label the plugs on your power strip. It makes just about ZERO sense why companies choose either black or white for their plugs making all of them look the same, but with the assortment of colors and sizes that these Bread Bag Tags come in, all you have to do is clip them on, even write what the plug goes to and before you know it, you have yourself some Sexy Upcycled Cord Organizer Labels and best yet, no more guesswork when it comes to the power strip!

Label your cords with the Bread Bag Tags for maximum efficiency and a confusion free work zone!

I’d love to make this “10 Second Upcycling” a reoccurring part of our blog, if you have any super quick, easy and useful Sexy Upcycling tips, please send them to sexyupcycling@gmail.com with “10 Second Upcycling” in the subject  line. We will totally credit you on the blog and best of all you will be helping to spread Sexy Upcycling all around the world!


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