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Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coat made from a salvaged broken umbrella!

Philadelphia based green product designer, Taryn Zychal, has become a household name in the upcycling business this year for her work exclusively with broken umbrellas. Only having started her company, Recycling Zychal, in April of 2009, Zychal has already completely redefined the way people look at broken umbrellas in a number of ways including launching a successful national broken umbrella collection initiative entitled Flora Fauna Function, making special Upcycled Umbrella Dog Coats for the queen of craft herself Martha Stewart and her French Bulldogs, spreading the word about her business on the internet through her Etsy Store and Blog, being voted in as a finalist for the prestigious Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards and receiving tremendous local and national press for her efforts to get broken umbrellas off the streets and into her hands; all of which has resulted in the success of her softgoods company far beyond what she expected when she started.

“The response has been overwhelming and amazing, people have sent me broken umbrellas to recycle from all over the world. I started off with about 20 broken umbrellas and a dream, now I have over 500 umbrellas and a real business!” said Zychal in a recent interview. “My goal for 2010 is to get more people to know that if their umbrella breaks and they want to recycle or upcycle it, Recycling Zychal is here to do so, it is our sole purpose for being in business”, she commented.
New Winter HOODs by Recycling Zychal are now available on www.recyclingzychal.etsy.com from $22-$30+
With her ever-growing enthusiasm for green product design and marketing, Zychal is now asking for your vote to help her win 1designperday.com’s Sunday Young Designer Competition. The more stars and tweets she receives, the better her chances are of winning, and on top of that you are helping to spread the word about her broken umbrella recycling so that more people keep their broken umbrellas off the street and into the hands of someone who can make them into something new.

If you want to vote for Taryn’s broken umbrella recycling for 1designperday.com’s Sunday Young Designer Competition, please visit http://www.1designperday.com/2009/12/27/sundayyoungdesigner-3rd-runner-taryn-zychal/.

And if you would like to donate your broken umbrella to Recycling Zychal, please contact her by sending an email to info@recyclingzychal.com or by calling the Recycling Zychal Headquarters at 1-888-472-2912

Happy New Year!


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