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What happens when you mix the philosophy of Habitat for Humanity with the material hunting skills of a freegan?

Dan Phillips, an inspiration, a visionairy and an upcycler!

You get Dan Philips, founder of Phoenix Commotion, an amazing upcycling based construction company who not only salvages landfill waste and turns it into sustainable, affordable, energy-efficient, one-of-a-kind houses for single mothers, artists and low-income families, but also teaches valuable and sustainable construction skills to volunteers who help him.

This guy is truly a Sexy Upcycling Hero and I HIGHLY recommend his inspiring Ted Talk. Not to mention, his work is phenomenal and he has a great Flickr filled with pictures of his work.

In his Ted Talk, Phillips breaks down why there is so much waste coming from construction and the housing industry and bases it off of psychological presumptions that we build in our head from the day we are born. He points out that we need to see things in repetition in order to create a pattern, but with waste material, it’s very hard for us to create a pattern since “Trees don’t grow 2 x 4″; 8, 10 and 12′ tall”. So instead of just letting the excess material go to waste, he creates patterns of flaws that unifies whatever it is that he is constructing, which psychologically creates something desirable. While showing a picture of a beautiful house that he made, he wittily states that “There are bulges, pokes and sags [in his work and] if that ruins your life, you shouldn’t live there”.

Some highlights of his work include decorative architectural buttons made from bondo filled eggs, “lumpy tiles” made from smashed toilets, a doormat made from a chunk of wood and some bottle caps turned upside-down, roofing shingles made from retired license plates and my favorite, a deadbolt lock made from the fence of a 1930’s wood shaper.

Functional and freegan, this doormat might be the next thing I make from retired materials

Phillips uses retired lisence plates as roofing shingles, awesome, functional upcyling at its finest!

A 1930's Wood Shaping Fence is now a fucntioning deadbolt lock, I WANT THIS


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In this election from Treehugger, Green Always Wins! Cast your votes today!

Most of us in the green community love sharing our opinions, ideas and thoughts about environmentally charged issues, so what better way to get the word out there than to vote for your favorite green businesses, services, sites and people in Treehugger’s 2010 Best of Green Readers Choice Awards!

We’ve already casted our votes and were happy to see one of our favorite super sexy upcyclers, Uniform Project, nominated on there for best Style Twitter Feed, and if you know anything about the twittering of Uniform Project, you know that they deserve it for taking the same dress and making it into 321 different outfits and counting! Brilliant!

Besides co-founder, Sheena Matheiken, doing this all to help children in India through the Akankasha Foundation, wearing the same dress over and over and over again and consistently making it look good through her creative use of accessories and donated apparel is truly inspiring. Going back to what fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood, said a few weeks ago, “Stop buying clothes” now seems totally feasible.

I have too many favorite looks from The Uniform Project to name, but here’s a rundown of our faves over here at Sexy Upcycling HQ-

Style created from the same piece of clothing has helped raise over $56k for children in India!

The Uniform Project has been Sexy Upcycling for 321 days to help children in India, VOTE for them in Treehugger's Best of Green!

You can also check out this great video about the whole cause and effort, which translates to 7 minutes of feel good Vimeo-ing! The Uniform Project is very inspiring and definitely has our Sexy Upcycling Stamp of Approval!

The Uniform Project Trailer from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

So please be sure to vote for them before April 12th and lets get the ball rolling on this movement!

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