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What happens when you combine the intricacy of a jeweler with the smarts of a business man and the eye of an upcycler? Quite possibly the most amazing reuse of street and industrial signage that we have ever feasted our eyes upon!

Street Signs gone Sexy Upcycling by way of an amazing artist, Boris Bally

Boris Bally’s interest in non-precious metals has won him over some pretty big clients and fans. He creates furniture, home accessories, installations, serving plates and ironically, even trash bins!

Upcycled Signage Municpal Waste Bin by Boris Bally

Boris Bally has even tiled a bathroom floor with his upcycled sign work!

His work has been included in more permanent collections than I’ve ever seen grace an upcycler’s resume, including work the infamous Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum in NYC, The Woodturning Center here in Philadelphia, has work displayed in the PA Turnpike Comission AND Glaxo Smith and Kline Headquarters, and even has work in REM lead singer, Michael Stipe’s home. He’s been in many of the books, catalogs and exhibits that were culture defining for the reuse, recycle and upcycle movement that us 80’s babies grew up in. We’re impressed!

I've never seen a Highback Chair as awesome as this set by Boris Bally made from street signs!

Usually when I see a deer crossing sign, I get scared, but with this sign platter, I can't help but get hungry! Love it!

Waste bins to throw your actual garbage away!

This man deserves the Sexy Upcycling Lifetime Achievement Award! Bravo Boris for allowing your amazing work to transcend generations instead of wasting away in a landfill!


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High Quality Upcycling from Tesco and From Somewhere- Treehugger

Tesco teams up with From Somewhere to take upcycling to the masses

UK’s Goodone shows off their high quality upcycled AW10 Collection

Upcycled umbrella goods company takes us behind the scenes of a product photoshoot

Cathy Newbery restores and improves unwanted bric-a-brac

Green Pop Up Shop in NYC sets out to be the largest upcycling center in honor of Earth Day

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It’s no secret that we love bikes over here at Sexy Upcycling, as you could probably tell when we posted our spirited article about Julien Jaborska‘s awesome reclaimed tire belts a few weeks ago. From Seattle all the way across the Atlantic, we’ve found yet another upcycler who loves bike parts.. AND air mattresses.

i.D. Tube iPod/mp3 player case by KaWeDe

Using equal amounts of stylish graphic and product design, German Design Studio, KaWeDe takes regular upcycling to a whole new level. We love their use of bright, colorful interior linings and super clean photos.

Coin purses made from screenprinted bicycle tubes and lined with bright colorful fabric from KaWeDe

We also loved this key hook made from tire nozzles.

Schl├╝sselbrett mit Fahrradventilen by KaWeDe keeps your keys in check

KaWeDe’s BuKo Cosmetic Bags are made from an air mattress and can be customized to your liking, approximately 26 x 21 cm.

BuKo Cosmetic Bags by KaWeDe are customizable and made from an old air mattress!

The BUKos can be crafted and stamped with old stamps from biology class. The variations are similar in principle – but each copy is unique and may vary.

BuKo Cosmetic Bag with stamped fish mde from an air mattress

Other products include lanyards, key chains, bike valve magnets and bracelets.

Currently we can only find KaWeDe’s Upcycled Goods on DeWanda which is like an Etsy Store for Europe, but it’s still worth checking out! We hope KaWeDe goes worldwide with their super Sexy Upcycled goods.

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Since 2006, Waste for Life, an organization of all different types of scientists, artists, designers, engineers, architects, educators and co-operatives, has helped some of Argentina’s poorest populations survive while dually promoting environmental awareness and waste prevention, by employing workers to collect plastic waste for recycle and upcycle. Sounds right up our alley!

These upcycled plastic rain boots by Louie Rigano are not only a clear example of Sexy Upcycling, but helps clean up the planet and help the poor as well!

Their recent partnership with RISD was to was to make a hot press to turn the plastic bags collected by the workers in to a synthetic plastic “textile”, then develop products based on that material which hopefully could be returned to the workers to manufacture and make a profit.
These plastic boots by New Jersey based Industrial Design student, Louie Rigano, was one of the products selected for production primarily due to it’s simple construction, utilitarian and functional nature. The plastic material, when fused with cheesecloth, is waterproof, rugged and requires very little material to produce, making it not only a great product that helps the Earth and the less fortunate people of Argentina, but also is very profitable and, in my opinion, quite stylish.

Sexy Upcycling? Most definitely.

I’m starting to think we will all have a pair of upcycled plastic bag shoes in our closets someday. Would you wear them?

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Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coat made from a salvaged broken umbrella!

Philadelphia based green product designer, Taryn Zychal, has become a household name in the upcycling business this year for her work exclusively with broken umbrellas. Only having started her company, Recycling Zychal, in April of 2009, Zychal has already completely redefined the way people look at broken umbrellas in a number of ways including launching a successful national broken umbrella collection initiative entitled Flora Fauna Function, making special Upcycled Umbrella Dog Coats for the queen of craft herself Martha Stewart and her French Bulldogs, spreading the word about her business on the internet through her Etsy Store and Blog, being voted in as a finalist for the prestigious Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards and receiving tremendous local and national press for her efforts to get broken umbrellas off the streets and into her hands; all of which has resulted in the success of her softgoods company far beyond what she expected when she started.

“The response has been overwhelming and amazing, people have sent me broken umbrellas to recycle from all over the world. I started off with about 20 broken umbrellas and a dream, now I have over 500 umbrellas and a real business!” said Zychal in a recent interview. “My goal for 2010 is to get more people to know that if their umbrella breaks and they want to recycle or upcycle it, Recycling Zychal is here to do so, it is our sole purpose for being in business”, she commented.
New Winter HOODs by Recycling Zychal are now available on www.recyclingzychal.etsy.com from $22-$30+
With her ever-growing enthusiasm for green product design and marketing, Zychal is now asking for your vote to help her win 1designperday.com’s Sunday Young Designer Competition. The more stars and tweets she receives, the better her chances are of winning, and on top of that you are helping to spread the word about her broken umbrella recycling so that more people keep their broken umbrellas off the street and into the hands of someone who can make them into something new.

If you want to vote for Taryn’s broken umbrella recycling for 1designperday.com’s Sunday Young Designer Competition, please visit http://www.1designperday.com/2009/12/27/sundayyoungdesigner-3rd-runner-taryn-zychal/.

And if you would like to donate your broken umbrella to Recycling Zychal, please contact her by sending an email to info@recyclingzychal.com or by calling the Recycling Zychal Headquarters at 1-888-472-2912

Happy New Year!

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Yesterday, Recycling Zychal was proud to announce that they have launched Sexy Upcycling, a group, blog and resource center for designers and consumers who are sick of upcycling being known for it’s over-branded, under-styled look. Sexy Upcycling raises the bar by highlighting designs that make a vertical move (UPcycle) towards repurposing trash by making it into something that doesn’t look like trash, and satisfies functional, style and design needs.
No More Record Bowls for! Sexy Upcycling is a place for upcycled design that is both stylish and functional, trash that doesn't look like trash!
Sexy Upcycling wants to reinvent the hobo/advertisement stigma associated with Upcycling. We are not the cereal box prom dresses, the plastic bag bracelets or the scratched record nacho bowls of the world; we design for both function AND style, it just so happens that our medium is trash, and most times, that comes as a surprise.

If you are a designer or member of http://www.coroflot.com, please join our group and together we can redefine the look of reuse!

Take our poll, Do you think Upcycling is in desperate need of a makeover?

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