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I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I hear the word junk, I don’t get very excited; certainly not as excited as when I hear something like “dumpster” or “trash night in Rittenhouse Square”. I’m not so sure why this is. Junk is everywhere, and can be anything that isn’t organized properly, unwanted, dirty, broken or all of the above.

My feelings on junk were quickly changed when I saw what Israeli design house, Junktion, does with it, turning junk into awesome one-of-a-kind pieces that have a modern steam punk style flare.

As an avid rider of bicycles, I absolutely LOVED what they make from salvaged bike parts!

2 Person Table made from reclaimed bike parts, reclaimed glass and stainless steel

For the man who cycles, and recycles. What says "Sensitive and Masculine" quite like these Bicycle Horn Candle Stick holders?

To me, it says alot when an upcycling company can safely make something for a child, great job Junktion!

They also do exquisite work with busted suitcases, old telephones and rescued kitchen accessories!

From trashed suitcase to super modern upcycled storage case!

From traveling the world to housing your medicine, this Suitcase Medicine Cabinet is retiring in style!

I love how HAPPY this Suitcase Chair looks. I mean I'm sure I'd be happy if I was rescued from the landfill too!

Winter might be approching, but this Picnic Table made from a salvaged suitcase is something I NEED for Rittenhouse days next summer in Philadelphia!

We’re pretty firm on how we feel about upcycled clocks and lamps here at Sexy Upcycling, since you can basically upcycle ANYTHING into a clock or a lamp using a simple clock or lamp kit, but these ones kind of break the mold in our books. It looks like the designers at Junktion really took into consideration not only aesthetics, but functional aspects of the junk they put together to make into these clocks and lamps, so, congrats to them, because it is not just everyday you see us making exceptions for upcycled clocks and lamps. Perhaps, these examples should be where the bar is set for clock and lamp upcycling 🙂

Amazing modern light made from old kichen accessories, this should be in the MOMA

This is so kitchy that it works, I need this in my life. Very GaGa; I wonder if she has one?

From temperature to time, these Stove Top Clocks give you the time in a clean, modern, upcycled way

What we like best about Junktion is their philosophy of using the worlds junk to make new things because there is already enough “stuff” out there that could be put to good use.

Bravo Junktion! You have my Sexy Upcycling Stamp of Approval!


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What happens when you combine the intricacy of a jeweler with the smarts of a business man and the eye of an upcycler? Quite possibly the most amazing reuse of street and industrial signage that we have ever feasted our eyes upon!

Street Signs gone Sexy Upcycling by way of an amazing artist, Boris Bally

Boris Bally’s interest in non-precious metals has won him over some pretty big clients and fans. He creates furniture, home accessories, installations, serving plates and ironically, even trash bins!

Upcycled Signage Municpal Waste Bin by Boris Bally

Boris Bally has even tiled a bathroom floor with his upcycled sign work!

His work has been included in more permanent collections than I’ve ever seen grace an upcycler’s resume, including work the infamous Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum in NYC, The Woodturning Center here in Philadelphia, has work displayed in the PA Turnpike Comission AND Glaxo Smith and Kline Headquarters, and even has work in REM lead singer, Michael Stipe’s home. He’s been in many of the books, catalogs and exhibits that were culture defining for the reuse, recycle and upcycle movement that us 80’s babies grew up in. We’re impressed!

I've never seen a Highback Chair as awesome as this set by Boris Bally made from street signs!

Usually when I see a deer crossing sign, I get scared, but with this sign platter, I can't help but get hungry! Love it!

Waste bins to throw your actual garbage away!

This man deserves the Sexy Upcycling Lifetime Achievement Award! Bravo Boris for allowing your amazing work to transcend generations instead of wasting away in a landfill!

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It’s no secret that we love bikes over here at Sexy Upcycling, as you could probably tell when we posted our spirited article about Julien Jaborska‘s awesome reclaimed tire belts a few weeks ago. From Seattle all the way across the Atlantic, we’ve found yet another upcycler who loves bike parts.. AND air mattresses.

i.D. Tube iPod/mp3 player case by KaWeDe

Using equal amounts of stylish graphic and product design, German Design Studio, KaWeDe takes regular upcycling to a whole new level. We love their use of bright, colorful interior linings and super clean photos.

Coin purses made from screenprinted bicycle tubes and lined with bright colorful fabric from KaWeDe

We also loved this key hook made from tire nozzles.

Schlüsselbrett mit Fahrradventilen by KaWeDe keeps your keys in check

KaWeDe’s BuKo Cosmetic Bags are made from an air mattress and can be customized to your liking, approximately 26 x 21 cm.

BuKo Cosmetic Bags by KaWeDe are customizable and made from an old air mattress!

The BUKos can be crafted and stamped with old stamps from biology class. The variations are similar in principle – but each copy is unique and may vary.

BuKo Cosmetic Bag with stamped fish mde from an air mattress

Other products include lanyards, key chains, bike valve magnets and bracelets.

Currently we can only find KaWeDe’s Upcycled Goods on DeWanda which is like an Etsy Store for Europe, but it’s still worth checking out! We hope KaWeDe goes worldwide with their super Sexy Upcycled goods.

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Teach your child the joys of upcycling with this DIY Upcycled Napkin Holder tutorial

Now, I’m not going to start singing or anything, but I believe that children are our future, especially when it comes to the environment! If kids learn about upcycling now, incorporate it into their lives and embrace it, we might be in for a big treat in the future, so, naturally when I saw this DIY Upcycled Napkin Holder tutorial on SimpleKidsCraft.com’s YouTube, I was thrilled!

Using an empty Head and Shoulders Shampoo bottle and some household craft supplies, children can make a customizable eco-friendly napkin holder for the house, I LOVE IT! With some creative kids and some dandruff free hair, you can teach your child the joys of turning trash into something beautiful

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Colin and Livia at the Golden Globes, credit: Vogue

Livia Firth, wife of Colin Firth, accompanied her husband in what some would call a red carpet shocker, an upcycled wedding dress that she added a black belt to for some contrast. She revealed that it was part of an eco-challenge and noted that the people at the Golden Globes “don’t seem to get ethical fashion“.

Well, we know that Livia gets fashion, especially the ethical kind! Besides being the wife of Colin Firth, Livia is also the owner of a green boutique in Chiswick UK called Eco Age which sells a great selection of green gifts as well as the book Recycled Home, which I have been on the look out for 😉

It seems that Livia’s dress was definitely a hit at the GG’s. I really hope that this sets the tone for next years gown selection; wouldn’t it just be wonderful to see an all upcycled/recycled dress code for the Golden Globes…

What do you guys think? Do you think all the attention Livia is receiving will prompt others to wear upcycled or second hand gowns on the red carpet events?

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