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Cords: We can’t live without them, they literally connect us to EVERYTHING; but they practically take over any small space packed with electronics like a wild ivy, or even worse, like a squatter roommate that you only let stay with you because they are friends with your crush. Well, we might not be able to solve all your problems (yet) here at Sexy Upcycling but with our 10 Second Upcycling Tip, we think we can help  you with the cords.. 🙂

We’re always on the go, so our laptop station (for right now) looks a little like this:

Cords Taking Over Our Current Laptop Station, this MUST be fixed!

But with a little bit of magic, and by magic I mean these fine little dittys which you might know as bag tags, you can work WONDERS  on keeping your cord overloaded area fresh and tidy!

These Bread Bag Tags usually are tossed, but are such a useful resource to have on hand!

There are many different sized Bread Bag Tags, so chose a larger one with a larger hole for a thicker cord, and use the thinner ones for iPod charger cords or headphone cords! This is especially helpful when I throw my earbuds in my purse and the cord wants to wrap itself all around my wallet and lipgloss. No more tugging when you use the tags, my ear buds stay put and don’t cause any trouble!

Wrap your cord around and around and fasten with the bag tag like so!

Nothing screams productivity like a clean desk, especially when theres upcycling involved!

And if you find that you still have messy cords under your desk, do what I do and use them to label the plugs on your power strip. It makes just about ZERO sense why companies choose either black or white for their plugs making all of them look the same, but with the assortment of colors and sizes that these Bread Bag Tags come in, all you have to do is clip them on, even write what the plug goes to and before you know it, you have yourself some Sexy Upcycled Cord Organizer Labels and best yet, no more guesswork when it comes to the power strip!

Label your cords with the Bread Bag Tags for maximum efficiency and a confusion free work zone!

I’d love to make this “10 Second Upcycling” a reoccurring part of our blog, if you have any super quick, easy and useful Sexy Upcycling tips, please send them to sexyupcycling@gmail.com with “10 Second Upcycling” in the subject  line. We will totally credit you on the blog and best of all you will be helping to spread Sexy Upcycling all around the world!


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I nearly died when I saw this video from our broken umbrella upcycling friends at Recycling Zychal. The video chronicles a black pug named Hurley, who as once afraid of the rain, and how he learned to love rainy walks once he got one of Recycling Zychal’s famous Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coats. It kind of reminds me of an eco-friendly version of Run Spot Run!

And if you are a cat person like me, you can help reduce your cat’s carbon paw print by purchasing one of these super cute Organic Cat Nip Filled Kitty Toys that help raise money for City Kitties Cat Rescue in West Philadelphia, because lets face it: If your cat is going to destroy something, it might as well be GREEN!

$1 from each cat toy purchase goes to City Kitties Cat Rescue in West Philadelphia!

You can purchase Recycling Zychal’s Upcycled Umbrella products on their Etsy store, as well as in Center City Philadelphia at Just Dogs Gourmet on Chestnut Street!

Quick side note: Recycling Zychal is also participating in America Recycles Day by launching a month long initiative to collect broken umbrellas from people all over the country. The difference is that between 11/15 and 12/13, the folks at Recycling Zychal will be making a special limited edition present crafted from the very broken umbrella donated for everyone who donates a broken umbrella to them as a thank you for participating in America Recycles Day. I’ve been given the insiders scoop on what the special present will be, but I’m trying to keep my lips tight!

To donate your broken umbrella or for more info, please go to the Donate A Broken Umbrella page on their website!

To read more about Recycling Zychal’s America Recycles Day Event, head on over to their blog!

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What happens when you combine the intricacy of a jeweler with the smarts of a business man and the eye of an upcycler? Quite possibly the most amazing reuse of street and industrial signage that we have ever feasted our eyes upon!

Street Signs gone Sexy Upcycling by way of an amazing artist, Boris Bally

Boris Bally’s interest in non-precious metals has won him over some pretty big clients and fans. He creates furniture, home accessories, installations, serving plates and ironically, even trash bins!

Upcycled Signage Municpal Waste Bin by Boris Bally

Boris Bally has even tiled a bathroom floor with his upcycled sign work!

His work has been included in more permanent collections than I’ve ever seen grace an upcycler’s resume, including work the infamous Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum in NYC, The Woodturning Center here in Philadelphia, has work displayed in the PA Turnpike Comission AND Glaxo Smith and Kline Headquarters, and even has work in REM lead singer, Michael Stipe’s home. He’s been in many of the books, catalogs and exhibits that were culture defining for the reuse, recycle and upcycle movement that us 80’s babies grew up in. We’re impressed!

I've never seen a Highback Chair as awesome as this set by Boris Bally made from street signs!

Usually when I see a deer crossing sign, I get scared, but with this sign platter, I can't help but get hungry! Love it!

Waste bins to throw your actual garbage away!

This man deserves the Sexy Upcycling Lifetime Achievement Award! Bravo Boris for allowing your amazing work to transcend generations instead of wasting away in a landfill!

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It’s no secret that we love bikes over here at Sexy Upcycling, as you could probably tell when we posted our spirited article about Julien Jaborska‘s awesome reclaimed tire belts a few weeks ago. From Seattle all the way across the Atlantic, we’ve found yet another upcycler who loves bike parts.. AND air mattresses.

i.D. Tube iPod/mp3 player case by KaWeDe

Using equal amounts of stylish graphic and product design, German Design Studio, KaWeDe takes regular upcycling to a whole new level. We love their use of bright, colorful interior linings and super clean photos.

Coin purses made from screenprinted bicycle tubes and lined with bright colorful fabric from KaWeDe

We also loved this key hook made from tire nozzles.

Schlüsselbrett mit Fahrradventilen by KaWeDe keeps your keys in check

KaWeDe’s BuKo Cosmetic Bags are made from an air mattress and can be customized to your liking, approximately 26 x 21 cm.

BuKo Cosmetic Bags by KaWeDe are customizable and made from an old air mattress!

The BUKos can be crafted and stamped with old stamps from biology class. The variations are similar in principle – but each copy is unique and may vary.

BuKo Cosmetic Bag with stamped fish mde from an air mattress

Other products include lanyards, key chains, bike valve magnets and bracelets.

Currently we can only find KaWeDe’s Upcycled Goods on DeWanda which is like an Etsy Store for Europe, but it’s still worth checking out! We hope KaWeDe goes worldwide with their super Sexy Upcycled goods.

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In this election from Treehugger, Green Always Wins! Cast your votes today!

Most of us in the green community love sharing our opinions, ideas and thoughts about environmentally charged issues, so what better way to get the word out there than to vote for your favorite green businesses, services, sites and people in Treehugger’s 2010 Best of Green Readers Choice Awards!

We’ve already casted our votes and were happy to see one of our favorite super sexy upcyclers, Uniform Project, nominated on there for best Style Twitter Feed, and if you know anything about the twittering of Uniform Project, you know that they deserve it for taking the same dress and making it into 321 different outfits and counting! Brilliant!

Besides co-founder, Sheena Matheiken, doing this all to help children in India through the Akankasha Foundation, wearing the same dress over and over and over again and consistently making it look good through her creative use of accessories and donated apparel is truly inspiring. Going back to what fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood, said a few weeks ago, “Stop buying clothes” now seems totally feasible.

I have too many favorite looks from The Uniform Project to name, but here’s a rundown of our faves over here at Sexy Upcycling HQ-

Style created from the same piece of clothing has helped raise over $56k for children in India!

The Uniform Project has been Sexy Upcycling for 321 days to help children in India, VOTE for them in Treehugger's Best of Green!

You can also check out this great video about the whole cause and effort, which translates to 7 minutes of feel good Vimeo-ing! The Uniform Project is very inspiring and definitely has our Sexy Upcycling Stamp of Approval!

The Uniform Project Trailer from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

So please be sure to vote for them before April 12th and lets get the ball rolling on this movement!

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Brooklyn based upcycling company T.O.M.T has a calling and it’s not just Rodney Allen Trice‘s mission to educate people about Applied Deconstruction in his Dumbo studio, it’s bigger than that. It’s a life long quest to refit the world with objects that seem too difficult to recycle by making them into objects of beauty and reincarnation.

Rodney Allen Trice transforms hub caps into gorgeous fruitbowls!

“…beyond the papers and organic waste bins, lies a whole world of objects that are discarded with no regard. Our vigilante mission has been to recover and reassign the purpose of these objects” says the T.O.M.T website.

Recover and reassign, it sounds like a more militant version of “rescue and repurpose” from our friends over at Recycling Zychal; we became instantly curious and were immediately intrigued.

Absolutely beautiful Copper Plumbing Table is made from, yeah you guessed it, upcycled copper plumbing, yeah REALLY

T.O.M.T’s work is incredible, from the ornate copper plumbing table, to the infamous Shovel Shelf- je’ tame! te’ amo! Ich liebe dich! this is truly Sexy Upcycling at it’s finest.

Watch out for this super Sexy Upcycle Approved Hose Hat by T.O.M.T in the next GaGa video, I have a good feeling about that.

A look into the website and you will see an arrangement of furniture, lighting, travel items home accessories and even a hat fit for the queen of shock pop herself, Lady GaGa made from a water hose. I’m in love.

Oil lamps from old light bulbs, this is so awesomely technologically confused that I could probably write a senior thesis on it, what a *bright* idea 😉

As mentioned earlier, Rodney Allen Trice does teach his craft to students that sign up for his in depth, very personal-one on one styled classes to get those dumpster diving juices-a-flowin’! Read more about the Applied Deconstruction class here.

“I believe we all must do our part, think beyond just separating plastic, paper, glass,” says Trice. “We must teach ourselves and learn as habit to see more than just a ‘rain shield’ in an umbrella, a ‘dust collector’ in a vacuum and a ‘shoe for our car’ in an old tire. When we do that, the Earth will become a safer place for the children of the 21st century and, from my experience, A LOT MORE FUN, TOO!”-Trice

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