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I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I hear the word junk, I don’t get very excited; certainly not as excited as when I hear something like “dumpster” or “trash night in Rittenhouse Square”. I’m not so sure why this is. Junk is everywhere, and can be anything that isn’t organized properly, unwanted, dirty, broken or all of the above.

My feelings on junk were quickly changed when I saw what Israeli design house, Junktion, does with it, turning junk into awesome one-of-a-kind pieces that have a modern steam punk style flare.

As an avid rider of bicycles, I absolutely LOVED what they make from salvaged bike parts!

2 Person Table made from reclaimed bike parts, reclaimed glass and stainless steel

For the man who cycles, and recycles. What says "Sensitive and Masculine" quite like these Bicycle Horn Candle Stick holders?

To me, it says alot when an upcycling company can safely make something for a child, great job Junktion!

They also do exquisite work with busted suitcases, old telephones and rescued kitchen accessories!

From trashed suitcase to super modern upcycled storage case!

From traveling the world to housing your medicine, this Suitcase Medicine Cabinet is retiring in style!

I love how HAPPY this Suitcase Chair looks. I mean I'm sure I'd be happy if I was rescued from the landfill too!

Winter might be approching, but this Picnic Table made from a salvaged suitcase is something I NEED for Rittenhouse days next summer in Philadelphia!

We’re pretty firm on how we feel about upcycled clocks and lamps here at Sexy Upcycling, since you can basically upcycle ANYTHING into a clock or a lamp using a simple clock or lamp kit, but these ones kind of break the mold in our books. It looks like the designers at Junktion really took into consideration not only aesthetics, but functional aspects of the junk they put together to make into these clocks and lamps, so, congrats to them, because it is not just everyday you see us making exceptions for upcycled clocks and lamps. Perhaps, these examples should be where the bar is set for clock and lamp upcycling 🙂

Amazing modern light made from old kichen accessories, this should be in the MOMA

This is so kitchy that it works, I need this in my life. Very GaGa; I wonder if she has one?

From temperature to time, these Stove Top Clocks give you the time in a clean, modern, upcycled way

What we like best about Junktion is their philosophy of using the worlds junk to make new things because there is already enough “stuff” out there that could be put to good use.

Bravo Junktion! You have my Sexy Upcycling Stamp of Approval!


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