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I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I hear the word junk, I don’t get very excited; certainly not as excited as when I hear something like “dumpster” or “trash night in Rittenhouse Square”. I’m not so sure why this is. Junk is everywhere, and can be anything that isn’t organized properly, unwanted, dirty, broken or all of the above.

My feelings on junk were quickly changed when I saw what Israeli design house, Junktion, does with it, turning junk into awesome one-of-a-kind pieces that have a modern steam punk style flare.

As an avid rider of bicycles, I absolutely LOVED what they make from salvaged bike parts!

2 Person Table made from reclaimed bike parts, reclaimed glass and stainless steel

For the man who cycles, and recycles. What says "Sensitive and Masculine" quite like these Bicycle Horn Candle Stick holders?

To me, it says alot when an upcycling company can safely make something for a child, great job Junktion!

They also do exquisite work with busted suitcases, old telephones and rescued kitchen accessories!

From trashed suitcase to super modern upcycled storage case!

From traveling the world to housing your medicine, this Suitcase Medicine Cabinet is retiring in style!

I love how HAPPY this Suitcase Chair looks. I mean I'm sure I'd be happy if I was rescued from the landfill too!

Winter might be approching, but this Picnic Table made from a salvaged suitcase is something I NEED for Rittenhouse days next summer in Philadelphia!

We’re pretty firm on how we feel about upcycled clocks and lamps here at Sexy Upcycling, since you can basically upcycle ANYTHING into a clock or a lamp using a simple clock or lamp kit, but these ones kind of break the mold in our books. It looks like the designers at Junktion really took into consideration not only aesthetics, but functional aspects of the junk they put together to make into these clocks and lamps, so, congrats to them, because it is not just everyday you see us making exceptions for upcycled clocks and lamps. Perhaps, these examples should be where the bar is set for clock and lamp upcycling 🙂

Amazing modern light made from old kichen accessories, this should be in the MOMA

This is so kitchy that it works, I need this in my life. Very GaGa; I wonder if she has one?

From temperature to time, these Stove Top Clocks give you the time in a clean, modern, upcycled way

What we like best about Junktion is their philosophy of using the worlds junk to make new things because there is already enough “stuff” out there that could be put to good use.

Bravo Junktion! You have my Sexy Upcycling Stamp of Approval!


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No one likes a snifter of whiskey to be spilled on the floor… but what if you could cover your floor with upcycled whiskey barrel wood and have the sweet smell of bourbon, oak and vanilla fill your room? Thanks to McKay Flooring in Glasgow, this dream can become a reality!


Upcycled and Upscale- McKay Flooring is made from Oak Whiskey Barrels


Using both the sides and the stamped lids of the casks, these flooring packages are truly one of a kind, and offer a stylish and sophisticated touch to any room.


Wood Burned Stamps from the lid give the look of this flooring treatment a very unique and handcrafted uplift


McKay says that the packages have sparked interest from designers all over the world and the interest continues to grow.

Currently these packages start at about $270 and can be shipped worldwide. Check out McKay Flooring’s Website to learn more about this unique Whiskey Barrel flooring, and to see their other varieties of reclaimed flooring!

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High Quality Upcycling from Tesco and From Somewhere- Treehugger

Tesco teams up with From Somewhere to take upcycling to the masses

UK’s Goodone shows off their high quality upcycled AW10 Collection

Upcycled umbrella goods company takes us behind the scenes of a product photoshoot

Cathy Newbery restores and improves unwanted bric-a-brac

Green Pop Up Shop in NYC sets out to be the largest upcycling center in honor of Earth Day

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It’s no secret that we love bikes over here at Sexy Upcycling, as you could probably tell when we posted our spirited article about Julien Jaborska‘s awesome reclaimed tire belts a few weeks ago. From Seattle all the way across the Atlantic, we’ve found yet another upcycler who loves bike parts.. AND air mattresses.

i.D. Tube iPod/mp3 player case by KaWeDe

Using equal amounts of stylish graphic and product design, German Design Studio, KaWeDe takes regular upcycling to a whole new level. We love their use of bright, colorful interior linings and super clean photos.

Coin purses made from screenprinted bicycle tubes and lined with bright colorful fabric from KaWeDe

We also loved this key hook made from tire nozzles.

SchlĂĽsselbrett mit Fahrradventilen by KaWeDe keeps your keys in check

KaWeDe’s BuKo Cosmetic Bags are made from an air mattress and can be customized to your liking, approximately 26 x 21 cm.

BuKo Cosmetic Bags by KaWeDe are customizable and made from an old air mattress!

The BUKos can be crafted and stamped with old stamps from biology class. The variations are similar in principle – but each copy is unique and may vary.

BuKo Cosmetic Bag with stamped fish mde from an air mattress

Other products include lanyards, key chains, bike valve magnets and bracelets.

Currently we can only find KaWeDe’s Upcycled Goods on DeWanda which is like an Etsy Store for Europe, but it’s still worth checking out! We hope KaWeDe goes worldwide with their super Sexy Upcycled goods.

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It seems like in the world of industrial and product design, everyone is trying to reinvent the shopping cart, but for Cross Media Visual Designer Ramon Coronado, he sees the foundation for a line of extremely modern and stylish furniture.

LA's shopping carts get a second life as a stylish furniture line thanks to Ramon Coronado, my new Sexy Upcycling Hero!

Besides being a new Sexy Upcycling Icon for his creative use of  the well known L.A. shopping carts , Ramon said that he wanted to design something that”commented on the shortage of parks and recreational functions in Los Angeles.”

Swing made from an upcycled shopping cart gives the children of MacArthur Park in LA something fun and safe to do

This came about after Ramon had unknowingly moved from a small neighborhood in an everybody-knows-everybody town called Cathedral City, to a very dangerous, low income area across from MacArthur Park. Observing the over-population of homeless people and overwhelming amount of trash, with busted shopping carts on just about every corner, he got the idea to start the Mercado Negro project; Mercado Negro translating into Black Market.

Functional, stylish, modern furniture made from a shopping cart, by Ramon Coronado

Check out some of Ramon’s awesome process shots:

This is like an upcyclers version of washing the oil from baby ducks after an oil spill, getting them back to square one and a 2nd chance!

Ramon Coronado used a heat gun to soften the plastic of the shopping cart to form it into a seat

Be sure to check out all of Ramon’s other cool design work by visiting his website, hopefully he will continue to make more Sexy Upcycled Icons!

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Sometimes when I see something so brilliantly eco friendly and stylish I actually get up in my chair and do a little design jig as I call I know it’s strange, but in a world of designless eco products and ecofriendlynessless product design, when you see something that just defies the monotony, you just can’t help it! This Ornj Shoulder Bag had me out of my seat at first glance!

The Ornj Tote Sit features a corrugated bottom and bamboo handle

Ornj Shoulder Bag by David Shock Designs

This upcycled construction fencing shoulder bag definitely gets out Sexy Upcycling Stamp of Approval! Available from DavidShockDesigns on etsy!

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Yes $8 is alot of money to spend on one hangar, but what if it came with the lifted weight of knowing that you were not only helping Mama Nature our by buying it, but supporting green ideas, green thinking and ultimately green living?

the Rethink Hangar by designer Xuan Yu, credit: core77

The Rethink Hangar has that potential and it definitely gets the Sexy Upcycling stamp of approval!

The simplicity of this hangar really had me at hello, the idea that the consumer contributes to the function of this almost “unfinished” product had me at hello, I honestly just wish it was a bit more affordable, or maybe say, came in a package deal, 4 for $20, I’d buy it then. Core 77 suggests hotels pick up on these to eliminate hotel hangar theft. Good idea Core!

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