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Our bestie, Taryn Zychal of Recycling Zychal is just one of TEN finalists in the running to win $25,000 from Stoli Vodka for their Stoli Originals Contest.

This girl is so talented that people should just pay her to talk to them, honestly. She has inspired so many ideas over here at Sexy Upcycling and as a contributing writer, it feels like the rest of us are always trying to find the coolest sexy upcycled goods before she does. We almost want to hate her, but she’s mastered being sweet and awesome as well.. DAMMIT. 🙂 just kidding!

Anyway, everyone should check out her video where she RAPS about UPCYCLING UMBRELLAS and her unique company, and of course vodka. It’s actually amazing and a catchy tune at the least, but our favorite part is where she talks to her black pug in it.

Taryn Zychal of Recycling Zychal raps about upcycling, broken umbrellas and vodka for Stoli's Originals Campaign

Truly a must see!

You can click the photo to take you to the youtube where you can see her audition video, or you can visit her blog for the low down.

All of us here at Sexy Upcycling want to wish Taryn and Recycling Zychal the best of luck, we would LOVE for her to win, imagine how many more people will know about upcycling if she does! So watch her video for fun, for laughs, for a good jam and most importantly, FOR THE FUTURE OF UPCYCLING!


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